Remember Me by Christopher Pike

Posted by NightlyReading on 8:55 AM
I had purchased this book as a trilogy. All three books were bound together into one book, which made for a very long read, approximately 800 pages.

The first book, which was called Remember Me, was a very good read. The story begins by introducing the main character, Shari Cooper and her family and friends. Shari goes to a friends party and is shoved over a balcony to her death. The rest of the book is Shari trying to figure out what happened to her. In my opinion, this was the best book of the trilogy.

The second book was my least favorite. It was alot of afterlife and religion.

The third book jumps ahead a few years, this book was my second favorite, but was still a little confusing at parts.

Would I suggest this book? Probably, but I would recommend taking your time reading it.

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