Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Posted by NightlyReading on 9:32 AM
Oh. My. Gosh.

I think this was the best book of the series. I love Rose's adventures filled with action, romance and drama.
This book starts off with Rose in prison due to the death of Queen Tatiana. Her friends manage to "bust" her out and she goes on an adventure of a lifetime to hide out until her name can be freed. Only, Rose, as we all know, has an issue with just sitting tight and she starts a plan of her own, which leads her to all different drama and all over the eastern U.S. All the while jumping into Lissa's head to find out wheat is happening back at court and the continuous struggle with her feelings for Dimka and Adrian. In the end, she does choose between them both.

I really enjoyed this series even though I was skeptical at first. I really loved all of the characters and it was easy to identify with them. Rose is a great heroin and she is a bada$$ chick. I am looking forward to Richelle's next series called Bloodlines, which will incoorporate some of the characters from VA.

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