Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

Posted by NightlyReading on 11:12 AM
This series just keeps getting better!

Rose is on a quest to hunt down Dimitri in his home town of Bai, Russia. She has a plan to free him from being strigoi due to a promise that they had once made to each other. She gets to meet his family and stay with them for awhile. This book tells of her adventure around Russia and what happens when she finally runs into Dimitri. The reader will be in for a total shock to see how the relationship between Rose and her love escalates during their time together in this book and how Rose had to pull it together to finally free herself from the pain of losing her true love and try to move on. Another huge cliffhanger at the end which left me having to move RIGHT into the next book!

I am absolutly loving this series and highly recommend it to any paranormal fantasy reader.

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